Citrix XenApp Brisbane

The Citrix XenApp and our take on it

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Citrix XenApp Brisbane

In the Citrix XenApp Brisbane delivery setup, resources and applications are hosted mainly on the central servers. XenApp isolates such apps from underlying operating system as well as other apps and streams them into such an environment which is isolated on the targeted device where they’re executed.

You don’t need to install the apps or software on the device of the client: just the configuration settings, applications files and data are copied to the device of the client. The users send mouse clicks and keystrokes to server and then receive the screenshot updates. The device of the client needs to have the XenApp client app receiver. Since XenApp offers an access to the hosted resources from the Windows server; the users share the physical resources of the server.

Citrix XenDesktop is used for publishing complete virtual desktop from the hypervisor to the remote client device. This signifies that each and every user gets an instance of the desktop and the operating system.

Only Citrix offers a complete virtual application and desktop solutions for meeting all the needs from an easy to deploy platform.

  • XenApp produced by Citrix solutions allows Windows apps to be easily accessed through individual devices from the shared server or the cloud systems. XenApp was released first in the year 2008 but the earlier versions of this product include MetaFrame, InFrame as well as Presentation server.
  • XenApp is an application virtualisation OS which offers centrally hosted apps for Windows to the local devices without having the need to install them. It’s the flagship product of Citrix and it was earlier known under several names like Presentation server, WinFrame and MetaFrame.
  • The XenApp software employs the FlexCast Management Architecture which is a proprietary architecture for the products of Citrix virtualisation. It delivers individual apps as opposed to the devices and desktops. It’s also employed with the XenDesktop for delivering the apps as a part of the whole environment of virtual desktop.

With the XenApp, the Windows apps may be used on the devices which typically couldn’t run them.