Data Centre Refresh Brisbane

We are the best at Data Centre Refresh Brisbane

We started our operations in 1988 as BES information technology systems and started providing IT solutions to our customers. We aim at minimising the costs related to IT and adding value to the core business of the clients.

We have built our expertise and reputation through provision of total IT solutions for the customers. This comprises of server virtualisation and consolidation, network design, data protection, project management, network support, hardware and software procurement.

We undertake Data Centre Refresh Brisbane through planning with the assistance of our engineers. We also work with the onsite IT team for accomplishing even the most difficult task. We work along with a lot of National hardware brands for supplying the clients with a backend infrastructure from the standard servers to the data centres and the connecting components.

  • We begin by analysing the current environment and understanding the IT related onsite needs for building a system which is functional and also accommodates space for growth.
  • The engineers work closely with the vendors for creating an all-inclusive hardware/software solution as well as blue prints for implementation.
  • Once the blueprint has been laid out, it is approved by the onsite IT team, and then an installation is planned.
  • The technicians are present onsite for initial installation. They work with the hardware vendors for ensuring that the system has been installed and also functioning properly.

On the basis of the size as well as the servers, migration is scheduled in such an order that it’s suitable for the onsite IT team and for minimising the disruption of working hours. This may take place in just one evening or even over a time span of a couple of weeks.

We excel in installing as well as maintaining wireless network equipment. We provide solutions which cover a number of areas and multiple networks for restricting user access. Multiple locations are speciality as we may flatten networks for the offices for working seamlessly on the similar servers.

In case you have got a difficult project and if you are scared of the extra hours of work or network down time, you will see what we can do for you. We specialise in a number of areas which might not be listed and may split out the parts of projects for making your workload bearable.

So trust us and leave your data centre job to us.