We Provide Complete IT Solutions To Companies Throughout Queensland.

Established in 1988, BES IT Systems is a Brisbane-based company specialising in the provision of complete IT solutions and managed services across a diverse customer base. BES works to design best-fit solutions for our clients’ needs and help our clients meet their business objectives.


 Our Core Values 


Communication is key to all successful relationships, and our relationships with our customers are no exception.  We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers and to seek a holistic understanding of their needs. 

We also strive to be prompt and informative when sharing pertinent information. This ensures you and your stakeholders have the most expedient information available to assist in decision making and ease-of-use.


We are committed to doing the right thing in a reliable way.  We subscribe to the principle of mutual respect and do our utmost to take care of our customers and our staff. 

Customer First
We have been committed to excellent customer service since day one: June 18, 1988. We always will be. Our procurement and managed services solutions are all customer-led.  BES IT are trusted advisors to our customers and design our solutions to support them in achieving their business objectives.
The buck stops here.  When we work with a customer, we take ownership of every moving part.  On any given day, our commitment to taking ownership manifests in numerous ways.  From proactively managing license renewals, delivery ETAs and troubleshooting, to identifying security risks while doing proactive network maintenance at our customer sites. 
We love technology and that fuels our agility as an organisation. We pride ourselves on being first to market with innovative solutions that solve real business problems for our customers.      


Our Mission Statement

Our mission in today's fast changing and complex tech landscape is to understand your business needs and recommend a solution that will work harmoniously with all areas of your business. Our goal is to minimise IT-related costs whilst adding value to the clients' core business and providing a level of customer support that will exceed expectations.


Quality Management System

Our commitment to quality procedures is an ongoing aim to deliver consistent, reliable and accurate service from every level of the organisation. BES IT Systems is a Quality Certified Company, to the International Standard ISO9001:2015 for Sales and Servicing of Information Technology Equipment - a system consisting of company guidelines and process documentation to ensure excellence of service.


Local Buy

BES IT Systems are a prequalified supplier for Local Buy, a leader in the provision of procurement and probity services to the whole of government. We understand and comply with critical procurement pathways unique to these departments and offices.

Our LocalBuy qualification means that government bodies can access a range of goods and services through a quotation rather than a tender, which reduces the risk, time and costs associated with internal procurement processes for our government clients.


Apple Solution Expert for Education

We are committed to making it easy for schools and institutions of all sizes to have access to quality IT deployment. BES IT Systems is a Certified Apple Solution Education Expert Reseller. Our staff are certified to this level to ensure we have the technical skills to assist with large scale Apple deployment within schools and universities.



BES IT Systems started as a retail store in the Brisbane CBD, selling typewriters, calculators and fax machines. Our agility has afforded us the opportunity to lead the market as the industry has matured over the past thirty years. Our eyes are always on the future.



Our retail shop on Albert Street, Brisbane CBD in the 1990s.