BES IT Systems is your trusted IT partner and we make it our mission to be on the forefront of new IT trends and developments. We know that with the rate technology changes and moves, it can be challenging to keep up. 

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Check out our current Top 3 videos

Top 1: BES Security Awareness Training

IT Security should be everyone's responsibility in your business! All of your employees need to have a good understanding of cyber security, what the risks are for the business and what actions they can take to minimise the risks. We have designed a Staff IT Security Training (SAT) to assist our clients in their staff training. Watch our youtube video below and find out detailed information about SAT here:



Top 2: What is Cloud Backup and Do You Need It?

Your data in the cloud is like your car, parked in someone else's garage. It's still your responsibility. One of our most popular services is the StorageCraft Cloud Backup Services for Office 365 and G Suite. Protect all your critical Office 365 and G Suite data in one easy-to-use solution. Listen to this short video to find out what Cloud Backup is, and why your organisation needs it!




Top 3: Aruba User Insight Sensor

Learn what the product is, what it does and where it may be used. Why are we interested? Well, more and more we hear people complaining about "slow WiFi" or "slow email", "slow internet" etc.  With Aruba Insight Sensors you will quickly work out what or where any issues lay. 

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BES YouTube Channel