Round The Clock Support For Your Team

Work life is no longer limited to the hours between 9.00am and 5.00pm! Your staff increasingly need to be able to view and submit work after hours and your end users may need access to resources overnight and on weekends.


To offer a premium experience, your services need to be available around the clock. BES IT Systems offers an after hours patching and monitoring service to ensure that your team is not caught out, and experience a hiccup free technology experience.


We are here for you 24/7!


Should trouble arise during the week, in the evenings or on weekends, our support team can be on hand to resolve any issues quickly and with least possible disruption.


Our 24/7 After Hours Monitoring Service Includes:


  • Our local IT support, which is available 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, is supplemented by a team of offshore engineers monitoring your site remotely outside of our business hours.
  • Necessary on-site visits will be facilitated by our Brisbane-based technicians after consultation with the customer.
  • Automatic alerting and monitoring system which will send notifications 24/7 to the team.
  • Our customised in-depth onboarding process will ensure all service level agreements are met.
  • Software updates and patching can be done after business hours to minimise disruption and downtime to your normal day.


You can view or download a sample of our After Hours Monitoring Report, to see the level of detail we provide your team.


Contact our team today, on 1300 237 487 to learn more about this new service offering, and get peace of mind with our after hours support!