Immerse and Integrate 2022: Moving Forward in a Post Pandemic World

We hosted our annual IT conference, BESTECH 2022 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 14th June 2022. This year’s event coincided with our 34th birthday; an added opportunity to celebrate with our vendors and customers. The exhibition floor was buzzing, and we showcased five speaking sessions from our valued event partners.

Please find below a summary of the event as well as an overview of topics and speakers from this year's conference. We hope to see you at BESTECH 2023! 



BES IT Systems annual conference invites our customer base, and potential customers for a FREE half-day of information sessions, exhibition stands, food, networking and prizes.

Every year we join with our partners to host a diverse summit, aimed to teach, excite and inspire. We use this platform to showcase how technology can be positively used to benefit our working and personal life.

BESTECH is a B2B event and if you have an interest in technology and how it can improve the way your team and organisation work, this event is for you!

We welcome all IT decision makers in corporate, education and non-profit organisations to attend - sign up for events notifications if you want early details for 2023!


Click to view each session in full on our Youtube channel:







Here is a selection of photos from the day:

BESTECH-SoulArch29 BESTECH-SoulArch37 BESTECH-SoulArch48
BESTECH-SoulArch55 BESTECH-SoulArch58 BESTECH-SoulArch74
BESTECH-SoulArch76 BESTECH-SoulArch84 BESTECH-SoulArch89
BESTECH-SoulArch95 BESTECH-SoulArch102 BESTECH-SoulArch132
BESTECH-SoulArch142 BESTECH-SoulArch150 BESTECH-SoulArch159
BESTECH-SoulArch175 BESTECH-SoulArch179 BESTECH-SoulArch188
BESTECH-SoulArch216 BESTECH-SoulArch219 BESTECH-SoulArch224
BESTECH-SoulArch243 BESTECH-SoulArch247 BESTECH-SoulArch255
BESTECH-SoulArch275 BESTECH-SoulArch284 BESTECH-SoulArch286
BESTECH-SoulArch288 BESTECH-SoulArch292 BESTECH-SoulArch293