We know that IT is only one piece of the pie when it comes to your Business Continuity Plan.  It's an important piece to get right, as your IT recovery processes directly affect your organisation's ability to continue operations in the event of a disaster: virtual or physical.   

We know that every business is unique, so we have devised a downtime calculator where you can easily  put a price on how much it would cost your business if it went down some reason or another i.e. critical systems failure or data loss. Simply input your organisations average annual revenue, annual wage bill and the hours of downtime into the calculator on the right to see how much this would cost your business.

Three key services we provide for IT Business Continuity are:

  1. IT Business Continuity Audits
  2. Disaster Recovery Software 
  3. Redundant/Secondary Internet Connections

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Researching IT Business Continuity? We have created a series of guidelines and checklists to help to protect your business. Download one or the whole series and start acting today!

Australia’s new mandatory data breach reporting laws came into effect on 22 February 2018. Known as the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme they have implications for most businesses. Download our fact sheet to find out more:
Facts about Australia's Mandatory Data Breach
Did you know that about 80% of all security breaches happen to small and medium sized businesses?
Download our Cyber Security Guide for SMB's today and start protecting your business!
Cyber Security Guide for SMB's
Did you know that more than 90% of security breaches could have been prevented with today's available technology? 
Download our Disaster Recovery Essential guide today! 
Disaster Recovery Essentials

Although no one can be 100% secure, there are steps your business can undertake to limit the chance of a cyber attack. We have listed the 15 top measurements your business should implement. 


Cyber Security Checklist




Our team of security experts can work together with your business to create an effective IT component for your Business Continuity Plan. 

Our IT Business Continuity Framework outlines the steps we like to help our customers put in place when we work together on the IT component of a Business Continuity Plan. 

Crisis Communications Plan

A Crisis Communications Plan outlines the procedures your organisation will follow in the event of a disaster.  How will you inform staff, suppliers and perhaps even customers in the event of a disaster? This element is a key operational procedure that will give clear direction to leadership staff when the time comes.

Education and Training

The teams in your organisation need ongoing education and training around best practice for physical and virtual security.  BES can help guide your Business Continuity Planning team in regards to education and training might be required for your internal stakeholders.

Backup Important Business Data

Identifying what constitutes 'important business data' for your organisation is a process that highlights the critical data you can't afford to lose and which key applications your business needs to stay operational.

From there we look at practical measures: data backup and redundancy, software as a service, power protection, network and endpoint security.  Backup/redundancy software, cloud access to your applications, UPS installation, anti-virus software, email filtering and multi-factor authentication are all pragmatic ways to mitigate risks to your data and applications. 

These initiatives are key components of the IT part of your Business Continuity Plan.  When these measures are taken, you can rest assured that your organisation will have the best chance of operating unscathed in the aftermath of a virtual or physical disaster.

Isolate Sensitive Information

Who in your organisation has access to sensitive information? How well is this managed? In the event of a disaster would you feel confident that your banking details, HR files and accounting information was secure?  BES is experienced in assisting organisations in identifying and isolating high-security-clearance data so that you know it is safe, secure and only the right people have access.

Designate a Recovery Site

When choosing a recovery site, one of our most popular solutions is the Business Continuity Service -(otherwise known as backup and redundancy) we offer with StorageCraft. 

Our Business Continuity Service is designed to enable you to access your servers in the cloud when you cannot operate at your production site. Many circumstances may result in the need for a Business Continuity Service such as: hardware failures, data loss, internet failure, theft and natural disasters.

The benefits of this service for our customers is that they can be running their key applications within a few hours following a disruptive event.  This is a far cry from manual backup solutions which can see your business out of operation for a week or more. This product is a key type of insurance for your business that will save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity when access to your local servers is not possible.

Professional Services businesses are especially vulnerable to business threats to their day-to-day operations.  We know it is the accountants, lawyers and other professional services organisations who suffer the most from downtime, and this is why we see the most uptake of IT Business Continuity consulting services in these industries.


No business is immune to disaster!

IT Business Continuity Framework-4-2

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