Why Should I Include Business Continuity Planning As An Essential Business Practice?

Business Continuity establishes risk management processes and procedures to ensure your business is prepared to handle any potential threats.

We know that IT is only one piece of the pie when it comes to your Business Continuity Plan.  It's an important piece to get right, as your IT recovery processes directly affect your organisation's ability to continue operations in the event of a disaster: virtual or physical.  

Downtime can occur in so many ways - server issues, remote applications with update failures, natural disasters affecting internet, the list can be long and expansive.

It can be extremely costly when a business goes down, which is why it is so important to be prepared with an up to date Business Continuity Plan. We have created a Business Continuity Plan based off the Queensland Government's template, focusing on the IT requirements for your business. This document is readily available for download on this page. 


Calculate the Cost of Downtime to your business

It can be extremely costly when a business goes down. To see just how much it would cost if your business was not operational, simply complete the fields in the downtime calculator on this page.

Because we know that every business is unique, our calculator allows you to easily and accurately put a price on how much it would cost your business if it went down for some reason or another i.e. critical systems failure or data loss. Using your annual revenue and wages bill you can project the actual financial risk posed to your organisation. It might be a little unsettling!


Have you ever had a breach in data?

Did you know you have legal requirements notifying involved parties as part of Australia's Notifiable Data Breach Scheme. You can download our PDF guide to keep you informed of your requirements.


Can a Business Continuity Audit save my business money?

To help prevent your business from incurring serious financial loss due to downtime, we recommend a Business Continuity Audit as part of your Business Continuity Plan, to ensure that there are no gaps in your IT.

We offer two types of audits here at BES IT Systems:



This audit reviews six key IT practices to make sure your business has the basics covered:

  • Current Backup Practice
  • Current Internet Links
  • Where Data is stored physically / logically
  • Visual inspection of premises (*assumed within 75km of Springwood CBD included; otherwise travel costs apply)
  • Power arrangements for critical systems
  • Documentation of all findings



This audit covers the key steps provided in our Silver Audit, and also includes a complete testing of backups as well as a report with suggested solutions unique to your business:

  • Test restore of backups
  • Diagram produced of current backup solution
  • Recommendations with quotation for any recommended hardware / software / labour
  • Diagram produced of recommended solution
  • $500 exGST credit towards any remediation labour purchased


IT Security and Business Continuity go hand in hand.

We always recommend that our clients keep on top of their IT Security - things change regularly, and it is important to stay up to date. Download our Cyber Security Guide for Business here, or organise an IT Security Audit in tandem with your chosen Business Continuity Audit.


Get that business continuity plan off your 'to-do' list, and let one of our IT experts do the heavy lifting for you. Contact Us today on 1300 237 487 or fill in the contact form on this page!