Disaster Recovery

Having a plan for when disaster strikes is important. Learn more about our disaster recovery essentials here.




IT Business Continuity Audit

So you know you are missing an important piece, but not sure what or how to fix this? We offer business continuity audits to evaluate and highlight key IT areas which are be vulnerable.



Redundant Internet

As a business, it is essential your internet is up to standard. When your internet is down, it is costing you money. Find out how to avoid redundant internet here.



Business Continuity

Business Continuity is an essential practise that establishes risk management processes and procedures to ensure your business is prepared to handle any potential threats. We know that IT is only one piece of the pie when it comes to your Business Continuity Plan.  It's an important piece to get right, as your IT recovery processes directly affect your organisation's ability to continue operations in the event of a disaster: virtual or physical.  

We know that every business is unique, so we have devised a Downtime Calculator where you can easily and accurately put a price on how much it would cost your business if it went down for some reason or another i.e. critical systems failure or data loss. Using your annual revenue and wages bill you can project the actual financial risk posed to your organisation.

It can be extremely costly when a business goes down, which is why it is so important to be prepared with an up to date Business Continuity Plan. We have created a Business Continuity Plan based off the Queensland Government's template, focusing on the IT requirements for your business. This document is readily available for download from the top right of this page.

To assist in meeting the requirements of your Business Continuity Plan, we offer Business Continuity Audits where we send out one of our IT experts to evaluate your current processes and procedures and then highlight key areas which are vulnerable. Your Business Continuity Plan should also cover Disaster Recovery procedures and Redundant Internet to help prevent downtime from happening. 

We also offer solutions to any IT needs your company will require in order to comply with your Business Continuity Plan. Contact us to book one of our IT experts today to ensure your business continuity plan is up to date to minimise risk and prepare your business for any IT threat you may face.


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