Not-For-Profit Gets Online 8 Weeks Earlier Than Scheduled With BES Internet Solution

Rural Lifestyle Options Australia are a NDIS provider of choice who work to support people living with a disability. They provide opportunities, support and skill-building services to people throughout South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.


Rural Lifestyle Options Australia (RLOA) are expanding quickly and opened a new office in Kingston, Logan Central. Their NBN provider advised there would be an 8-12 week lead time for their internet connection and ADSL was no longer an option in the physical location.

This lack of connectivity made business operations impossible. Staff were tethering internet from their phones or reverting to working from home and other offices.

RLOA have been partnered with BES IT Systems Managed Services to deliver their Hosted Desktop SAAS solution for several years. Our long-established relationship saw us in a strong position to consult with the customer to offer a quick solution to get them up and running.


BES offered a Telstra 4G Sim and D-Link Commercial Router package to get Internet into the premises quickly. RLOA were up and running within a few days and have a functioning internet link to service their business needs until their NBN is connected. This has allowed staff to work from the Kingston office without struggling with hotspots from mobile devices.

This solution offers an affordable Internet link that can be switched to a backup or redundant link once NBN is connected at the site. Having a redundant internet link is crucial for business continuity planning.

‘BES offered us a solution to get our team up and working quickly. It’s a solid work-around and the team are happy.’


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