How Coral Homes Stepped Away From Cloud Storage Solutions With OneXafe.

Coral Homes is one of the largest builders in Australia. They have a 30 year reputation built on trust - a reliability that means they cannot be let down by unreliable data recovery.


As a growing construction company, Coral Homes wanted to be confident in the storage, management and protection of its data; especially when trying to connect with home builders across the country.

The main challenge they faced was a large volume of client data held offsite in a private cloud. The company was facing security risk, high cost management and compliance and performance issues which were affecting their business continuity plan. If data was lost accidentally in the office, it would take the team a great deal of back and forth to retrieve lost data.



Coral Homes enlisted BES IT Systems and StorageCraft to solve their business continuity problems by bringing their data backup back on premise. StorageCraft OneXafe provides a highly scalable, reliable, and easily managed Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution for Coral Homes.

OneXafe has continuous data protection, which ensures Coral Homes’ data is resilient against ransomware or user errors, and the backup is always recoverable. The OneXafe installation is simple and provides a straightforward solution.

With data now easily accessible and in control, their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery goals are met. Team members can access multiple versions of their data, at any given time. Their customers receive a better experience and can have peace of mind their data is protected.

Currently Coral Homes utilise 23 terabytes of storage, which can easily increase if needed. They use additional StorageCraft solutions to enhance OneXafe: ShadowProtect SPX, Image Manager and Cloud Services Premium.

‘Previously having the data offsite, it felt as if our data was held at ransom. The change of having access in our office ensured we could do what we needed, adding value to our company

The OneXafe solution was a one size, fits all - bringing power back to our team’

Matt Kolkka, Senior IT Officer: Coral Homes

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