Are your credentials for sale on the Dark Web?

Did you know that there is a hidden side of the internet? Not readily available to the general public, the Dark Web is known as a hub for illegal activity to buy or sell illegal goods - like drugs, weapons, or stolen data. 


With an ever increasing scale of cyber security incidents worldwide, we believe that businesses should be proactive and check whether your data is up there and offered for sale. 

Dark Web Monitoring scans the web for any leaked personal data, sending you alerts, so you can take immediate action to protect your accounts.

BES IT Systems offers a Dark Web Monitoring Solution that is unique to other solutions available in today's marketplace. It dispenses live alerts when credentials go up for sale, giving you and your users a chance to change passwords before a breach occurs. 

If you’re wondering just how soon attackers purchase credentials and subsequently breach networks, the current record is 17 minutes.

Check out our video below to see why we recommend Live Dark Web Monitoring to all our clients.


2020-Dark-Web-TileMany dark monitoring services complete a search once a month to see if any credentials on your domain have come up for sale. This reactive approach isn’t best practice, as the lag time is too great for users to change passwords in time to stop a network breach. 

That once-monthly scan of the dark web for your credentials is insufficient. Only live monitoring will serve a genuine cyber-security purpose for your business.

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