Data Spot 365 puts everything in one workspace!

Data Spot Workspace 365 is an online workspace which will simplify the way you work. Within the Data Spot Workspace 365 you see your favourite web- and Windows applications, recent documents, important statistics and latest news. You can easily access your documents from Microsoft 365 (former Office 365) and the file server. This allows you to work productively from any device, everything you need is a browser to access your safe online workspace. Work easily online, using a flexible and more personalised workspace.


Workspace 365

Everthing in one workspace
Combine cloud, hosted and on-premises services in one online workspace. All your applications, documents, mail, news and statistics in one overview.
One sign-in to every app
You can quickly reach all your applications from one starting point. Hosted desktop apps and web apps (if they are supported by Azure AD or Azure AD Premium) are all accessible after signing in once to the workspace. Employees don’t have to remember 20 passwords, they can simply access all their applications from their workspace.
All documents combined
Bring documents from the file server and Office 365 together in one document app. The Workspace 365 document app simplifies the file server, SharePoint and OneDrive, allowing people to use modern features whilst working in a recognisable interface.
Direct insight on information
Create an intranet with insights on your mail, calendar, documents, external- or internal news, statistics, applications and more. See only the applications and information which are applicable to you and don't get lost in the information flood.
Safe access and high security
Secure your web-, Windows-applications, intranet, (on-premises) Exchange, mail and documents with multi-factor authentication.


Plans start from as little as $8.30 ex GST per month / per user. A detailed plan overview is available below. Focus on what you really need to see to perform your work effectively! Contact us today for a free 30-day trial of Data Spot 365 and see how it will transform the way you work!

Data Spot 365 Plan


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