Having A Disaster Recovery Plan Is An Essential Part Of Business Continuity Planning.

It is a common misconception that backing up and archiving your data will protect you from threats like corruption and ransomware. Though it IS important, it DOES NOT protect you from all threats and data can easily be lost for good.

We believe it is essential to have Disaster Recovery (DR) procedures in place. These procedures are usually designed and developed in conjunction with a Business Continuity Plan - ensuring your business is prepared for possible threat or disaster; whether virtual or physical. We can help your business put together a Business Continuity Plan for IT - you can learn more here.


Disaster Recovery Plan

It is important to make sure that your Disaster Recovery plan is tailored to your business’ specific needs and requirements.

Engage with one of our professionals, who will design this plan for a flat fee. If you commence with our recommended proposal, this design fee will be deducted from your final professional services fee.


Power Protection

No brainer for Queenslanders... with regular weather surges, storm season and extreme heat, businesses need to make sure their power protection systems are up to scratch.

If you have desktop computers, network-attached storage, servers or any mission critical electronic devices that run on power, a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) is non-negotiable.  

Digital phone services like VOIP also create a need for a UPS to power up the phone when power is out. Remember that any downtime can make a huge impact to the bottom line of a business.

UPS don’t just keep your equipment running during power outages, they also prevent damage from power surges.  Servers, audio visual equipment, switching, networking, and end point devices all should be protected.

We partner with EATON to supply the best power protection solutions. Make sure that your business can weather a storm - we can review your existing set-up and make recommendations!


Disaster Recovery Essentials Guide

We have created the Disaster Recovery Essentials Guide to highlight and give further insight into the key reasons why you need DR procedures for your business, whether large or small. Download your copy HERE.


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