Eaton Works To Solve Power Management Challenges Through Industry Leading Electrical Products And Services

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Eaton is a global power management company dedicated to manufacturing excellent and innovative products that make their customers more successful.

Their broad product mix can be found in industries all over the world, protecting people and assets, while improving productivity and efficiency.

BES IT Systems has had a long relationship with Eaton, we even use their UPS in our own Data Center and have great success installing Eaton solutions from start to finish with several of our clients.


Why is power protection essential for your network?

Watch our video below where Fiona from Eaton joins Dylan to discuss the importance of power protection:

In general, a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) protects its equipment and other electrical loads from problems that plague our electrical supply, performing the following three basic functions:

  1. Preventing hardware damage typically caused by surges and spikes. Many UPS models also continually condition incoming power.

  2. Preventing data loss and corruption. Without a UPS, devices that are subjected to a hard system shutdown can lose data completely or have it corrupted. In conjunction with power management software, a UPS can facilitate a graceful system shutdown.

  3. Providing availability for networks and other applications while preventing downtime. In some cases, they provide enough battery runtime to ride through brief outages; in other cases, they provide hours of runtime to ride through extended power outages. UPS's are also paired with generators to provide enough time for them to power up.


Power Protection and Business Continuity

Power is often forgotten until you encounter troubles with it. An unreliable power supply can be detrimental to your business; causing loss of data and costly downtime. 

This year's La Niña weather pattern has created very severe storms and floods for South East Queensland. And inclement wet weather creates an unfriendly environment for IT equipment. Do you have a plan in place for situations with lightning strikes, water damage and power surges that might affect the ability for your business to continue?

If you are thinking: 'I will worry about that later', can you answer the following questions with satisfaction?

  • When did you last review your UPS? How old are the batteries?
  • Have you added more infrastructure to your site? Is your UPS system coping with the extra load?
  • Is your current up-time adequate to shut down business critical infrastructure in case of a power failure?
  • How is the shut-down managed? Do you have an automated shut-down procedure in place?
  • How cyber-secure is your UPS? Can hackers use unprotected network cards as an easy point of entry to your network? 


A complimentary visit can help you to find answers to those questions and provide you with peace of mind. We can set up a time for Fiona to review your site and design an optimised solution to deliver the uptime your business expects.


You can also check out Eaton's handy UPS Fundamental booklet to learn more about what Eaton does and their range of UPS's they have available.

For any information on Business Continuity and Power Protection, give our team a call on 1300 237 487 or fill out our contact form - we look forward to speaking with you!