Access funding solutions that are designed to match cash flow to your technology needs.

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TFA Education Solutions provide 100% funding for all your technology needs: laptops, desktops, workstations, tablets, audio-visual, servers, storage units, networking, wireless technology, security assets and even solar panels.

Given the rate of change in technology today, we know schools are under pressure to keep pace. Allocating cash to large technology purchases can reduce a school’s ability to spend in other critical areas, meaning lifecycles can drag out.


Some risks of dragging out the lifecycles of your technology are:

  • Technology begins to frequently malfunction, which occupies your technical resources as a priority over more productive tasks.
  • Servers, operating systems and other elements are unsupported after a period of time. manufacturers stop patching their old products to focus on newer models. This opens your environment up to an array of cyber threats - hackers find old environments easy targets.
  • User experience declines as systems slow down


TFA enables you to provide your students with the latest and greatest technology and security, with a fixed cost so you can easily manage and predict IT expenditure. 

  • Preserve cash to spend on other key areas
  • Simplify budgeting with predictable payments; avoiding capital budget blowouts
  • Flexible payment terms of 24 or 36 months – monthly or quarterly
  • Easy lifecycle management removes risks associated with obsolete equipment

Our End of Term Options with TFA will also give more flexibility than ownership:

  • Return & upgrade: typically, at similar funding payments
  • Trade-up: we can sell the old stock to a 3rd party clearance house and the proceeds can be
    transferred towards the cost of new goods
  • Purchase: buy some or all of the assets at term end at minimal end values.

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