Children are at risk every time they go online. How do you look after the cyber welfare of your students? 

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Fastvue is an Australian software company that helps schools monitor and report on internet usage to keep students safe online.

Fastvue Reporter is an internet usage monitoring and reporting solution that
integrates with leading security firewalls such as Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks
and more to detect and investigate student online safety
concerns, network threats and bandwidth issues.

Fastvue Reporter is used by thousands of schools around the world!

Fastvue Reporter for Education

Send real-time alerts and scheduled reports to Year Coordinators, Pastoral Care, Student Services and Digital Safeguarding Leads (DSLs).

Work together to safeguard your students from:

  • Self Harm
    Identify and protect at risk children by receiving alerts for searches related to self harm or suicide as a result of bullying, cyber-bullying and other abuse.
  • Extremism and Radicalisation
    Designated Safeguarding Leads or safeguarding officers can receive real-time alerts when radical or extremist content is accessed or searched for.
  • Inappropriate Content
    Ensure students are not searching for or accessing inappropriate content such as pornography, violence or proxy avoidance at school.


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