Fortinet Delivers The Most Innovative, Highest-Performing Network Security Fabric To Secure And Simplify Your IT Infrastructure.

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Digital transformation unlocks massive potential, but it also introduces advanced cyber security threats.

Traditional security architectures are no longer enough, as threats become more complex. Many organisations struggle to protect themselves because they lack the skills and resources to combat these threats - this is where Fortinet steps in.


BES IT Systems is a Fortinet Silver Partner and can recommend a full range of products and solutions, with the experience of seeing how well they work in the field for our customers.

The Fortinet Security Fabric delivers broad protection and visibility to every network segment, device, and appliance, whether virtual, in the cloud, or on-premises. Your security resources can automatically synchronise to enforce policies and coordinate automated responses to threats detected anywhere in your network.


Fortinet Solutions include: 

  • Network Security
  • Threat Detection and Prevention
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Application Security
  • Access Management
  • Cloud Security


With solutions from Fortinet, you are able to consolidate and simplify the way you approach security. With tailored 'all-in-one' style devices, you can manage all of your security solutions for multiple sites / branches within your business within the one pane.


We highly recommend that businesses complete a Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment when auditing their existing systems and processes. You can download an example report here. Below is a FortiGuard Global Threat Landscape Report for the end of 2021, giving businesses some key findings within their data for that quarter:


Curious about how Fortinet solutions might make an impact on the function and security of your business? Contact us today!