A Simplified, Secure, And State Of The Art Wireless Network Ensures Genesis College Is Completely Up To Speed.

Genesis Christian College is a thriving independent, co-educational Christian school, founded in 1991. Genesis caters for over 1,500 students on one site.


Genesis Christian College had a mix of switching infrastructure that supported their growing campus. This equipment was beginning to fail regularly and was past its useful end of life. The college team contacted BES with a desire to focus on new technology and innovative design. The end goal was a solution that would allow for automation of the network design, freeing staff to focus on other tasks. 


In partnership with BES and Aruba (A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company), two solutions were created to address an update to the site’s switching infrastructure and the College’s network design.

First was a focus on core switching, aggregation and edge switching using Aruba’s 802.11ax (Wifi 6) AP’s. This improved the performance of the entire network, allowed multiple transmissions simultaneously and significantly increased network capacity. The wired and wireless networks were then joined together. The Aruba ClearPass was used to gain clear visibility of devices on the network and reduce the complexity of programming the wired and wireless infrastructure. 

To update the switching infrastructure, two Aruba 40G 8320 switches were chosen for their high availability through Aruba VSX and their modular, programmable upgrades. The chosen edge switches - Aruba 2930M series - included smart rate ports, which allowed for the increasing bandwidth demands of the school and to take full advantage of the Aruba 515 AP. 


Our relationship resulted in:

  • a state of the art wired and wireless network
  • enhanced network security
  • reduced network complexity
  • Wi-Fi 6 throughout the College
  • the ability to dynamically segment the network by roles


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You can download a PDF version of this case study here, if you want to read offline.

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