If You Have A Physical Premises With Valuable Goods Onsite, It’s Advisable To Engage An Expert To Plan Your IP Surveillance Strategy

Our consultation services provide professional insight that can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your surveillance system.


BES IT Systems partners with D-Link to provide state of the art surveillance solutions. We can offer a range of indoor and outdoor solutions with a wide selection of storage and retention solutions for footage. 

Benefits of correctly configured and installed IP Surveillance include:

  • Deterrence of intrusions and theft
  • Reduction of liability claims
  • Protection of assets
  • Reduction of impact to network speed
  • Compliance in the legalities involved with camera placement
  • Quality IP Surveillance cameras that gives clear, crisp footage.
  • Potential reduction of insurance premiums

If you're an organisation looking for an IP Surveillance solution, you can visit our D-Link partner page, call us on 1300 237 487
or fill in our web-contact form and one of our team will get in touch within 3 business hours.