We Can Help Select The Best IT Solution For Your Business Needs

Selecting the best IT solution for your business can be a complex process with many vendors, products and services to choose from. BES IT Systems can be your plug-in tech advisor - allowing you to concentrate on your core business with the support of an efficient IT infrastructure. 

Our sales team specialise in recommending and sourcing IT hardware, software and infrastructure from the world’s best known vendors. We can make recommendations for laptops, desktops, networking design, servers, power protection and everything in between.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Expert advice and guidance on IT solutions.
  • Extensive product and solutions range from well-known and trusted vendors at the best price.
  • Timely deliveries and easy ordering 7 days a week with order status upgrades. Plus, a same day and overnight delivery service for urgent orders (depending on product availability).
  • Flexible payment and billing options with an extended warranty provided on most purchases.


Audio Visual Procurement and Servicing

Audio Visual is a broad area and BES IT Systems have a broad scope of capabilities in audio visual. If you require advice for new fit outs, scoping and quotes for upgrades or servicing of your current equipment, it’s likely we can assist.

We scope, quote, procure, install and service:

  • Data projectors – standard and interactive
  • Sound Systems
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • LCD and LED Technologies
  • Large Format Displays (LFD) including interactive multi-touch LFD’s
  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • Interactive Learning Technologies
  • Wireless Presentation Systems

We know it helps our customers get the best performance out of their equipment, it contributes to a longer life cycle and ensures manufacturer’s warranties are not voided due to neglect. We can ensure your products are serviced reliably, for a long lasting product.


IP Surveillance Solutions

If you have a physical premises with valuable goods onsite, it is advisable to engage an expert to plan your IP Surveillance Strategy. Our team can provide insight that may greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your surveillance system.

BES IT Systems partners with D-Link to provide state of the art surveillance solutions. We offer a range of indoor and outdoor solutions with a wide selection of storage and retention solutions for footage. 

Correctly configured and installed IP Surveillance ensure:

  • Deterrence of intrusions and theft
  • Reduction of liability claims
  • Protection of assets
  • Reduction of impact to network speed
  • Compliance in the legalities involved with camera placement
  • Quality IP Surveillance cameras that gives clear, crisp footage.
  • Potential reduction of insurance premiums


Servers and On-Site Storage Solutions

While it is common for many companies to adapt their storage and backup solutions to the cloud, there are many reasons that your organisation may prefer to keep their infrastructure onsite. You can trust that BES IT Systems can procure and recommend the best of both worlds.

Do you have internet limitations in your physical premises which puts a roadblock in front of a cloud based solution? We have worked with companies with privacy policies that dictate that data is kept onsite, and others with vast and complex applications that an on-site solution results in simplicity of use and access. Our team has the experience to help you design, implement or upgrade your on-premise data centre or server room that fits your exact requirements.




We partner with brands to bring you best fit outcomes

We partner with over 100 global brands to offer you the best fit IT solution. We can also fulfill requests for one-off items we’ve never sourced before. We are procurement experts and our mission is to find the best product, at the right price, in a timely manner. 


To find out more, call our team today, on 1300 237 487, fill in the form on this page, or send quote requests directly to sales@bes.com.au.