IT Support

BES employs a skilled team of on-site support engineers that cover the extensive range of skills required for on-site and remote IT support.  Our Help Desk Support Centre allows customers to leverage extensive software and help desk expertise to solve their issues.

The best and most effective way to engage us for IT Support is through our Bronze, Silver or Gold service contracts.  The benefits of being on a contract with us are many:

  • Our engineers will diagnose many issues before they become headaches – this will save you down time and many hours of support every year.
  • When you do require support and active work, your company will be prioritised over ad-hoc customers.
  • Peace of mind: there is always someone at the end of the phone to help.

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BES offers IT Support in Brisbane as part of our Managed Services Solutions. A Managed Services Solution provides continuity of business operations with constant network monitoring, fault detection, active virus prevention, and system administration. 

Download our whitepaper: "The Business Value of Managed Services" to learn more about how Managed Services work, why companies choose them and what to look for in a Managed Services Provider. 

Click here to get the What, How and Why of Managed IT Services


How does BES provide IT Support Services in Brisbane? 

Our first-level support team determines the problem and works to resolve it over the phone. If our staff cannot solve the issue via phone support, customers can allow us to take over their system and work on the issue remotely and interactively.

If a physical visit is needed, your call will be escalated to our coordinator and an appointment will be made to have an engineer visit your site. Technical support services can be accessed through a variety of options to suit your needs.

Users can log their tickets directly via WebDesk – our online portal for customers. If you don’t have a Webdesk User Profile or have forgotten your password, feel free to log a ticket via this page:

Alternatively, our help desk line is available 8:00am – 5:00pm weekdays: (07) 3340-5560 .  

We understand the importance of your issues, and the effects downtime can have on your business.  We work hard to communicate effectively and resolve any issues efficiently.


We can help you to maintain your IT network! Please contact us and we will provide you further information about our IT Support Services and answer any questions.

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