Quality Headsets That Work Seamlessly With Your Chosen Software


Jabra products have been developed so you can take calls and communicate with your network without interruption, with a quality output for both PC to smartphone devices.


BES IT Systems Brisbane is your local authorised Jabra Partner. As a leader in communications and sound solutions, Jabra creates intelligent headsets and communication tools that help professionals work more productively.

Since the pandemic shifted the way we work, we are seeing the rise of remote and hybrid working arrangements. For staff checking in from off-site, through Zoom or Teams meetings, there is a high importance on ensuring the headsets used are the best they can possibly be. Clear audio ensures clear communication, and better productivity.

There has also been a rise in companies transitioning to soft phones - for lower operational costs, mobility and versatility. Good headsets are now a priority.

Modern headsets from Jabra include features such as: brilliant wireless performance, density, busy lights and noise-cancellation microphones. Your open plan offices can now collaborate with minimal disruption or distraction!

Jabra helps you by:

  • Keeping you seamlessly connected to everyone on your team, no matter where you all are.
  • Keeping distractions at bay and helping you find your own oasis of calm, whatever’s going on around you.
  • Keeping you flexible, adaptable and productive.
As 85% of businesses are looking to improve collaboration for their employees through better technology, we’ve been leading that charge for years. There are many reasons Jabra is the clear choice for hybrid-working professionals

How to utilise Jabra Products in the 'New Normal' in Virtual Collaboration

Watch our session from BESTech 2021, where Erin from Jabra took us through the best way to use Jabra as first-choice products for best audio within work environments that are increasingly more hybrid / work from home.


With more and more people working from home, Dylan took up the challenge and tested the Jabra Evolve 50 for it's fantastic noise-cancelling capabilities: 



If you’d like more information about Jabra or guidance on the best type of headsets for your office environment, use our online contact form and one of our team will be in contact.