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King’s Christian College provide a strong education and extracurricular program with a Christian foundation from Prep to 12. They have three campuses across South East Queensland, with the largest campus centrally located at Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast.



King’s Christian College is an Apple Distinguished school that requires new devices for all students on a biennial basis. In 2020, their MacBook and iPad order totalled over 1,000 devices. Each device was to be bundled with STM Dux cases, STM or Targus carry bags, Kensington keyboards and Logitech crayons. There were almost 5,000 items to be managed and ready for the 2021 school year.

To complete this rollout, the IT team at King’s needed to ensure every device was asset tagged into their system, software set up for immediate student use, and that each device had the right accessories. This process included the unboxing of each device and physically bundling all devices with their accessories. Previously, this stage took up to 6 weeks to complete and utilised their entire IT team as well as additional casual resources.



BES IT Systems offered King’s a White Glove Service that outsourced the asset tagging and physical bundling of their 2020 order. This removed the biggest time-sensitive load off the King’s IT Team.

Even though King’s devices were ordered months ahead of schedule, the Covid-19 Pandemic created additional, unforeseen delays in delivery of their order. The school would have faced a near-impossible timeframe if they hadn’t already engaged BES to oversee the rollout. 

All MacBook and iPad bundles were delivered to the College in the first week of January. King’s foresight in ordering early, combined with their utilisation of the White Glove Service offered by BES meant that they were one of the few schools in Australia who had devices for students on Day 1 of Term.


‘BES has changed how we will do our Apple device rollout in the future.

After the White Glove experience, we will never do this project in-house again.’

Shayne Blakemore, IT Manager: Kings Christian College


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