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Clarks Logan City Buses runs a fleet of 127 buses, covering 21 hours each day, amounting to approximately 220,000 trips a year. They hold a brilliant reputation for being on time and not dropping trips. Contract and customer satisfaction is key to their business operations.


Relying on real-time data, Clarks Logan City Buses required a trusted system to provide seamless daily business operations in the event of a power outage. They use telemantics, real-time driver dispatches and roster systems help ensure buses are on time for anywhere up to 21 hours a day. Any downtime would cause huge disruptions, resulting in serious cost implications to the business.


Given the sweltering temperatures of a Queensland summer and the challenging tight physical environment of a bus depot, they needed a considered solution. Options delivered needed to provide protection against notifiable data breaches, as well as hardware protection and housing of the equipment.


BES suggested to implement Eaton’s Micro Data Centre (MDC) to provide power back-up and servers at the core of Clarks Logan City Buses’ network.  


The MDC was so compact, all IT and backup solutions could be consolidated without having to build a dedicated space. It removed the need for in-room cooling, enhanced physical security with robust environmental controls, and maximised network up-time. Because of this, it was housed in the corner of utility room, close to the main power board, making for simple installation. 

Today, BES provides both on-site and remote off-site support, which results in quicker response times and maintaining protection of the system.

Protection from hazards and outages, with robust IT equipment, is of critical importance to our business. It gives us peace of mind and confidence to grow our business well into the future.’

Clarks Logan City Buses




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