Endpoint devices have changed dramatically over the time we’ve been supplying them to the Australian market. From typewriters, word processors, plug-in printers and analog fax machines, to the Internet of Things: everything is now connected to the network yet users are no longer required to work solely from their desks. Indeed it would seem one device is no longer sufficient per person and a trend of multiple devices is growing.

This shift of advancing technology and mobility has different implications for every organisation with each having varying end point requirements. Large corporates have networks of devices and people that need to be connected to each other in order to make for efficient workflow. Their employees may hot desk, or take their laptops offsite for work purposes. Workers may prefer two or more monitors for productivity. Or it might be one, large, curved monitor. The device might need to be robust for school students or to survive the rigours of a hazardous work environment. It might need to be high-powered for graphics or design purposes, or you might need a basic device to connect to your cloud-based environment. More and more organisations are looking to provide CHOICE for their staff.

The following end point devices are those that BES commonly source and support for our customers:



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