Bronze Level Backup – PC

Data backup is important for all businesses to a greater or lesser degree. You may have one important file such as your MYOB data file, servers that need to be replicated or you may need rapid disaster recovery should an unforeseen event happen on your primary site. If you’re leaning more toward the ‘one important file or folder’ direction, the Bronze Backup package may be right for your needs. 


5GB of Storage $4.95 incl. GST (minimum cost is $59.40 over 12 months)
10GB of Storage $6.95 incl GST (minimum cost is $83.40 over 12 months)
15GB of Storage $8.95 incl GST(minimum cost is $107.40 over 12 months)
25GB of Storage $14.95 incl GST (minimum cost$179.40 over 12 months)
50GB of Storage $22.95 incl GST (minimum cost $275.40 over 12 months)


Backup Bronze – PC


  • Software supply
  • Private local offsite repository for backups
  • Automated daily offsite backups over a secure web link.
  • 30 days data retention*
  • ADSL 2+ minimum internet requirement

 * Dependent on backup data sent to BES