Has The Way Your Business Utilises Wireless Technology Changed In The Last Few Years? Chances Are, It Has.

The demands on wireless networks in many businesses are increasing rapidly year on year. The changing nature of how employees and customers interact and use wireless internet means that management can become a headache for your onsite technical team.

BES IT Systems work with large corporate companies, schools, universities and small businesses to consult, procure, install and manage their wireless infrastructure. We partner with several different brands in the wireless space as we know that one size does not fit all.


Our Wireless Technology Partners:

Wireless Technology


Consider Xirrus for scalable high-density wireless requirements

BES IT Systems have a long-standing relationship with is Riverbed Xirrus.

Xirrus Access Points perform exceptionally well in high-density wireless scenarios and are famously scalable. Xirrus Arrays come with room to add more radios as your density requirements increase. This means that there is no need to rewire or replace your Wireless Access Points every two to four years!

Xirrus products also feature software-programmable radios that can switch between 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz networks seamlessly - allowing newer devices to perform at lightning speed while continuing support for older devices on the same network.

This means that when you get to 100% 11ac 5Ghz capable devices on your network, you don’t have to upgrade your Access Points, you simply switch them over to 100% 5Ghz and away you go.

The flexibility provided by the Wireless High-Density Access Point enables capacity planning without replacement of the chassis itself. This ensures a long, 10-year product lifespan that is adaptive to your business requirements and protects your investment against inevitable increasing capacity demands. These are some of the key features that reduce total cost of ownership when you choose Xirrus.

Their EasyPass security solution and Application Control are also very popular with clients in varied industries, worldwide.  EasyPass has proved extremely popular in hospitality where guest networks are a major pain point for administrators. Get the product brief below.

Xirrus Easy Pass Overview



Aruba is proving to be a popular and effective network manager for multi-user technology

If your team are needing to manage networks that are dealing with the onslaught of BYOD, but equally an increase of wired devices on the network, you might be a best-match for HP Aruba Networks technology.

They offer great utilisation of Multi-User MIMO technology and their ClearPass NAC (Network Access Control) is really effective.

Printers, projectors, cameras and even fridges are becoming targets for malicious threats as cyber criminals recognise these devices as new ways to breach the network infrastructure.

ClearPass boasts the following benefits:

  • Automatic detection and categorisation of endpoints for security and audit demands
  • Continuous monitoring of all devices, including those that come and go
  • Agentless visibility that lets you find devices like BYOD smart phones and IoT devices
  • Contextual attribute sharing that extends visibility to a wide range of security and IT-services solutions
  • Elimination of labor required with manually maintaining database updates
  • Improved network performance and security by understanding the number, type and attributes of endpoints.

 BES IT Systems are Certified ACMP Mobility Professionals with Aruba Networks 

Aruba_ACMP_wsrgb (002).png


There’s a lot to consider when choosing a wireless network solution.  Let BES IT Systems help cut through the noise. Our experienced consultants can provide audits of your current infrastructure, assist with network design for your new network, procure, install and even manage your solution for you.