Protect Your Brand Value And Reputation With Penetration Testing And Comprehensive Cyber Security Auditing

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Security breaches are making headlines Australia-wide for all the wrong reasons. We know that 90% of organisations that experience a security breach cease to operate within 4 months. This makes it incredibly important to stay vigilant and keep ahead of cyber security threats.


BES IT Systems have an exclusive partnership with NCC Group for the APAC region.  We are proud to work with the leaders in risk assessment and analysis to support our customers in improving their security posture.

NCC Group is a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation, working with businesses to protect their brand, value and reputation against the ever-evolving threat landscape. They are a CREST Certified cybersecurity specialist organisation, delivering security consulting services to organisations across the globe.

Currently working with a team of over 600 penetration testers globally and conducting over 80,000 days of manned testing every year, NCC Group is deeply experienced and innovative in the field of penetration testing, secure code reviews, full spectrum attack scenarios and social engineering across multiple technologies and environments.


Cyber Security Essentials Package

BES have collaborated with NCC Group to create a package that covers the core essentials in cyber security assessment and training. Perfect and vital for the running and performance of your businesses cyber security protocol. 

The package includes:


Cyber Risk Assessment

How prepared is your organisation to detect, protect and respond to a cyber-attack?

NCC Group’s Cyber Risk Management is a requirement for preventing cyber security incidents and avoiding subsequent financial, regulatory and reputational damages. This audit will result in a report that outlines any elements of risk within your organisation.


Security Awareness Training

A focused training programme, using real life examples, to enhance the security culture of the organisation. Ensure that all members of your team are up to speed with the importance of cyber security and the role that their actions and digital habits play in the safety of data within your organisation.


Online Exposure Assessment

The assessment comprises of an historic search in our intelligence databases and a free form OSINT investigation. Deploying the tradecraft and tools developed over years of experience with high profile cyber security incidents, NCC Group Threat Analysts uncover exposed sensitive digital information and assess associated risks.


NCC Group is trusted by such large profile global organisations as Microsoft, Facebook & eBay to provide expert security consultancy to secure some of their most critical systems and processes.

If you are interested in penetration testing, our Security Essentials Package or a cybersecurity audit of your organisation, please contact us on 1300 237 487 today!