Unite all of your Applications with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

As part of our Managed Services division, BES IT Systems supports and manages up to a dozen Nutanix customer sites in South-East Queensland. It is our preferred hyperconverged infrastructure stack.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is the industry's leading hyperconverged infrastructure solutions that natively converges compute, virtualisation and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence.

Why use private or hybrid cloud solutions, like Nutanix?

Private cloud adoption is on the rise. We work with Nutanix to help you make the right cloud decisions for your business, which apps and workloads to run on which cloud, and practical tips for migrating to hybrid cloud.

  • Built on Hyperconvergence
    Maximize ROI up to 477% by consolidating and simplifying with cloud-inside and next-generation hyperconvergence.
  • Automation Enabled
    Enjoy automated, day-to-day operations, so you can focus on what matters most, and realize 61% more efficient help desk operations.
  • Security you can trust
    Maintain complete application and data security without missing a beat, and reduce your downtime by up to 85%.
For the non-tech, what is Hyperconvergence?
Hyperconverged infrastructure takes all of the conventional 'hardware defined' systems, and makes them virtual. HCI includes, at a minimum, virtualised computing, software-defined storage, and virtualised networking. By making these traditional systems digital / virtual, your infrastructure is portable, easy to access and simple to manage.

Using Nutanix for Digital Transformation

Matt Maw from Nutanix, presented in our last BESTech about the many ways that Nutanix can enable Digital Transformation for your business. Watch the full session below for a fantastic overview of Nutanix in action:


Want to learn more?

Follow the link below to find out more about Nutanix Enterprise Cloud! Access eBooks like "Your Complete Guide to Private Cloud" or "Design Principles of Nutanix Private Cloud" and see for yourself how easy it is to "Build Your Private Cloud




We can assist your business with all Nutanix solutions - we know your businesses needs are unique and always aim to create a best-fit outcome - Contact Us today!