We Can Provide Reliable Technical Support To Your Team.

BES IT Systems has a fantastic team of technical network engineers to offer onsite and remote IT support to businesses as a one-off project, or part of an ongoing contract. Our team prides themselves in customer service excellence, and strive to ensure you have a smooth experience as we troubleshoot, augment or improve your IT infrastructure.


Onsite Technical Support

We know that some issues have to be dealt with onsite, in person. Any physical problems with servers, connectivity or malware are dealt with onsite as necessary. Our customers have peace of mind knowing we take responsibility for their network environment and can physically be there to help, when needed. 

We have the ability to services companies onsite in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich.


Desktop (End-Point Device) Assistance

Our technicians can help your organisation manage any new and existing endpoint devices. We can help you with:

  • Consulting prior to computer purchases – ensure you get the best-fit devices for your environment
  • Configuring new and existing desktops, laptops, workstations
  • Installing software and managing updates
  • Help with data backup from your local machines
  • Connecting end-point devices to your network
  • End-point device security – protect your machines from malware, viruses and other unauthorised access.
  • Set up or troubleshoot local and network printers


Managed IT Support Services

BES IT Systems offer managed services to our clients. This means peace of mind throughout a medium sized project, or longer term, particularly if your company is not of the size to have an in-house IT Team. We plug in with your company as a best-fit, depending on your unique needs.

Managed Services are provided on a monthly, pre-determined fee. They can also extend past standard IT Support capabilities - so make sure to ask one of our team to sit down and discuss how managed IT Support might be perfect for you!


Remote IT Support

We have partnered with Datto for our remote support platform and use their groundbreaking remote monitoring and management tools.  Our expertise and these tools allow our team to monitor, manage, discover and patch issues as they arise on your endpoints.  

Using this platform, we can be more proactive than we ever could be manually. The majority of your ‘behind the scenes’ network management will be executed by our network engineers using this advanced software.


Are you in need of IT Support? Contact Us today via the form on this page, or email sales@bes.com.au and we can chat through the best ways we can fit in to your company!

If you have an urgent problem, make sure to call 1300 237 487 and our office team will be able to get the ball rolling!