Power Protection

Power protection is always front of mind in Queensland.  Our weather can be unpredictable and any organisation with expensive electronic equipment needs an Uninterrupted Power Supply device to prevent data loss from power surges and outages.
For example, if you have desktop computers, network-attached storage, servers or any mission critical electronic devices that run on power, a UPS is non-negotiable.  Digital phone services such as VOIP also necessitate a UPS to power up the phone when power is out.

UPS don’t just keep your equipment running during power outages, they also prevent damage from power surges.  Servers, audio visual equipment, switching, networking, and end point devices are just some of the equipment that should be protected.


Outside of UPS, there are several more areas of power protection to consider, including:

  • Surge protectors
  • Power distribution units (PDU)
  • Network interface cards
  • Management software

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