IT Business Continuity Audit

So you know you are missing an important piece, but not sure what or how to fix this? We offer business continuity audits to evaluate and highlight key IT areas which are be vulnerable.


Disaster Recovery

Having a plan for when disaster strikes is important. Learn more about our disaster recovery essentials here.


Business Continuity

IT is only one piece of the pie when it comes to your Business Continuity Plan, but it's an important piece to get right.


Redundant Internet

As a business, it is essential that your internet can keep up with the daily activities of the company and staff. If your internet is slow, dropping out or not working at all in times of need, this can be inefficient and costly for the business. When your internet is down, so is your business. Redundant Internet ensures that there is a secondary internet connection that will keep your business online.

We have all experience our internet going down or failing at least once in our lives. Even Telstra isn’t above their internet going down, remember when they went down for four days earlier in the year? That was actually due to a configuration error on their end. Here are a few more examples of what can go wrong with your primary internet connection:
  • Outages due to infrastructure or hardware upgrades
  • Carrier configuration error
  • Traffic can be blocked if a carrier flags activity as suspicious
  • DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer)
  • Cheap retail modems and routers which experience hardware issues as they are not commercial grade hardware

If your business relies on internet, then it’s likely you should consider a redundant internet link as part of your business continuity planning. A secondary benefit of a redundant internet link is that you can prioritise and split your traffic to maximise user experience within the organisation. Our network experts help with strategy, planning and execution of redundant internet links for your organisation. AS each organisation has their own unique needs and requirements for their internet, we offer a range of packages and are happy to recommend a package best suited for your business.

Popular options for our customers include:

Internet Offers-1-1 (1) Internet Offers-2-1 (1)

*All offers will include a $300 once off set up and installation fee.

We also offer NBN TC2 redundant internet connections which offer guaranteed high speed internet.  This is a good fit for those businesses who want to ensure that the user experience is minimally affected should it be necessary to switch to your redundant link.  Enquire with us for more details and to get a quote.


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