It Is Essential That Your Internet Can Keep Up With The Daily Activities Of Your Business.

If your internet is slow, dropping out or not working at all, it can become costly. When your internet is down, so is your business. Redundant Internet ensures that there is a secondary internet connection that will keep your business online.

We have all experienced our internet going down or failing at least once in our lives. Even Telstra isn’t above their internet going down - remember when they went down for four days earlier in the year? That was actually due to a configuration error on their end.

Here are a few more examples of what can go wrong with your primary internet connection:

  • Outages due to infrastructure or hardware upgrades
  • Carrier configuration error
  • Traffic can be blocked if a carrier flags activity as suspicious
  • DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer)
  • Cheap retail modems and routers which experience hardware issues as they are not commercial grade hardware

If your business relies on internet, then it’s likely you should consider a redundant internet link as part of your business continuity planning. It is a back-up connection that keeps you going in the event your primary connection fails. A secondary benefit of a redundant internet link is that you can prioritise and split your traffic to maximise user experience within the organisation.  

Our network experts help with strategy, planning and execution of redundant internet links for your organisation and can offer a range of packages that suit different business sizes.

We also offer NBN TC2 redundant internet connections which offer guaranteed high speed internet - a great fit for those businesses who want to ensure that the user experience is minimally affected should it be necessary to switch to your redundant link. 


We know that your unique business needs will shape the right solution that we can provide your team. Contact Us today for more details and to get a quote - we aim to return enquiry within 3 business hours.