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 Ring Central with BES IT Systems


Team messaging, video meetings, and a business phone all in one easy to use app that lets you work from anywhere.

RingCentral, the leading provider of global cloud communications solutions for Teams messaging, video meetings, and a business phone all in one easy app. Increase productivity and adaption while empowering users to effortlessly have all business tools at their fingertips in one location.

Providing increased flexibility and cost effectiveness, RingCentral’s platform offers much more than traditional office phone systems, VoIP business phone service, or virtual PBX.

Watch the video below to see how RingCentral can take your business to the next level:

Video Overview of Ring Central Services


RingCentral's complete phone system creates more connected operation with business phone systems, video meetings, and messaging - all in one app.

  • Reliability
    This cloud-based technology was built from the ground up to deliver carrier-grade reliability for your business communications. The distributed, redundant network routes calls dynamically around broken links, while redundant data centres and production environments ensure continuity during outages. We relentlessly focus on delivering quality of service with smart call routing and monitoring of quality metrics across all modes of communications. 
  • Security
    RingCentral has enterprise-grade security designed to protect your data and your communications. Communications are encrypted between all endpoints no matter what device you are using. The redundant network and infrastructure are protected with multiple layers of physical and logical security.
  • Integration
    RingCentral is an open platform with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs so you can seamlessly integrate business communications into your key business processes. The pre-packaged integrations with CRM, Office, and other business applications allow you to automate workflows, drive efficiency, and gain deep insight from communications data. This enterprise-grade, open platform allows you to innovate and tailor your communications systems to your unique environment.
  • User-experience
    Innovative, enterprise-grade communications solutions should not be complex to implement. The applications are built with the user experience in mind at every step. Whether you are an administrator configuring the system or adding a line, or a business user changing your message settings, the apps are designed with the user in mind. The results? Empowered customers through an intuitive, easy to navigate, and obsessively consistent multi-device experience.

Do you face challenges in supporting mobile and remote workers? Do you face challenges with your current phone system? If you answered yes to either of those questions, reach out to us. Our goal is to work with you to provide a solution that solves all your communication and collaboration needs.

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