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How do you look after the cyber welfare of your students?  Students are at risk every time they go online - starting from cyberbullying to malicious attacks.

Saasyan Assure is a cyber welfare monitoring software integrating with next generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks® and Fortinet. It lets schools gain insights in their student's cyber behaviour and allows schools to proactively act before an incident takes place, halting damage - and saving lives.

Saasyan Assure intuitive reports show teachers and IT staff quickly and simply what websites students are accessing and which search terms are being used. Teachers get instant alerts when students attempt to access inappropriate websites, use potentially dangerous keywords or are involved in negative social media activity.

See Saasyan Assure in Action! Watch this detailed demo to learn how you can leverage Saasyan Assure to protect your students online and act before an incident takes place.




Cyber welfare is every school’s responsibility! Saasyan Assure helps schools to fulfil their duty of care to students and their families by ensuring the online safety of their students.

For more information about Saasyan Assure and to see how your school can benefit from Saasyan Assure, download our fact sheet:

BES Saasyan Assure fact sheet


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