Security Awareness Training Is A 'Must-Do' For All Modern Businesses

We are all responsible for using our technology tools in an acceptable manner. Could you spot a scam that might make your team vulnerable to losing significant data?

Security Awareness is the knowledge, attitude and practices possessed by members of an organisation regarding the protection of company assets. This awareness becomes a shared responsibility that covers email, passwords, app safety and correct use of personal identification data.

Your employees need a sound understanding of cyber security. Technology use is increasing and more complex. There are laws in place regarding the safety and privacy of information - an innocent breach might become costly, with legal ramifications.


The BES IT Systems Security Awareness Training Package has been designed by our network security experts in partnership with Webroot. The package includes:

  • Simulated Phishing Campaign Prior to Training
    We test your staff for a month prior to training session to ascertain their base level of security literacy. Insightful reports are then provided to appropriate contacts within your organisation to review.
  • Online Training Videos
    Access a full suite of online training videos from Webroot for 12 months.
  • On-site Training Session
    This on-site training session with your staff focuses on best practice security protocols. We train a maximum of 30 staff at a time, and customise the programs content to suit your organisations' needs.
  • Security Awareness Posters
    We partner with Webroot to create a suite of security awareness posters which we supply to prompt and encourage staff to remain vigilant.
  • 12 months of Simulated Phishing Emails Post-Training with Reporting
    We will continue to test the vigilance and security literacy of your team over the course of 12 months following training. Regular, simulated phishing emails will be sent to your teams and you'll receive reports on these outcomes.

Our team have seen businesses lose thousands of dollars when IT systems are compromised due to staff actions. The video below can give you further insight into the risks that untrained staff pose to your organisation.



To book a Security Awareness Training package, call us or use our contact form and we will get back to you within 3 business hours.