Introducing Your IT Security Lifeline

Security has become a hot topic for businesses. Whether securing the network, endpoints, firewalls, IOT devices, managing software suites, password policies, cyber-security training or multi-factor authentication, IT Managers have their work cut out for them!


We want to streamline the process of IT Security for your business - and welcome you to consider our NEW Security Essentials Programme.


Security breaches have real financial consequences for businesses. In July alone, we heard of two Brisbane schools paying $30,000+ bills to the wrong account details as result of SPAM emails. Another school had services down for 10 working days after they were Cryptolockered and their backups weren’t as ‘highly available’ as they initially thought. Security initiatives have a very tangible ROI for schools and businesses alike.


Traditionally bought separately, the three pieces of our Essentials Programme are as follows:



Covering: Information Security and Backup, Network Security and Policies, The Essential Eight checklist, as well as Physical Security Checks with a site visit. Audit includes comprehensive report of all findings.



Covering: Simulated Phishing Campaign, Online and On-Site Training for Staff, as well as ongoing email testing throughout the year.



This service dispenses live alerts when credentials go up for sale, giving immediate ability to action. Traditional monthly checks now show a significant delay in action should your data go astray.


The Security Essentials Programme offers the opportunity to benchmark, improve and measure your company's security over time. It shows intent and commitment to cyber-security improvements and yields detailed reporting over the term of the engagement. 


It is also a great tick in the box for taking ‘reasonable steps’ as an organisation in relation to Notifiable Data Breach legislation. Not to mention the cost saving that you can redeem by bundling these essential services into one.


Contact our team today, on 1300 237 487 - we would be more than happy to run through the benefits of this programme for your business!