There Are Many Reasons Why Your Organisation May Prefer To Keep Their Infrastructure Onsite As Opposed To Pushing It To The Cloud

When it comes to purchasing servers and storage for your onsite infrastructure, BES IT Systems can consult, liaise with global vendors and work to curate the best solution and the right price.


We have worked with companies with privacy policies that dictate that data is kept onsite, and others with vast and complex applications that an on-site solution results in simplicity of use and access.

Do you have internet limitations in your physical premises which puts a roadblock in front of a cloud based solution?

Whatever the case may be, BES IT Systems works with the world’s best vendors of servers and storage to help you design, implement or upgrade your on-premise data centre or server room.


We work with the following partners for Servers and Storage Solutions:

DELL EmC IBM Lenovo Nutanix Pure Storage Storage and Servers Brisbane Supplier


Do you need IT Support for your onsite servers or storage?

Our team come highly qualified - from the procurement and design of a comprehensive outcome, to managing and maintaining your services long after that first installation. Consider BES IT Systems managed services to ensure business continuity.


Contact us today and one of our team will chat through options that will best fit your unique onsite server or storage needs.