D-Link Nuclias Cloud keeps the bingo turning at Southport RSL

Southport RSL is a down-to-earth club with two bars and a bistro, hosting touring tribute bands, free events and regular bingo. 

Their team has a goal to be the centre of the local community, and a destination for fun for all ages. 


Southport RSL had only five access points over the first and second floors of their venue, which resulted in patchy wireless signal, and a compromised customer experience.

BES IT Systems have worked with Southport RSL in the past, so were approached for advice and assistance.



The RSL was already undergoing a significant renovation, so we took the opportunity to utilise cabling work already scheduled to extend their wireless coverage with solutions from  D-Link for Business.  

BES and D-Link collaborated with the RSL to design a high-density wireless network that would meet the needs of the Club over the next decade.  Thirteen WiFi-6 Access Points were installed throughout the premises to deliver a faultless Wi-Fi experience to staff and customers. A mix of access points were chosen to meet the needs of the RSL, including a
temperature-rated unit for the RSL walk-in refrigerator to assist staff with their stocktake tasks.

The wireless access points are run via two 28 Port D-Link POE Switches, and managed by the BES Managed Services team in the Nuclias Cloud management pane. D-Link Nuclias Cloud gives us the ability to maintain Southport RSL’s network remotely and respond to any challenges promptly.

With BES IT and D-Link for Business, Southport RSL can now rely on an excellent wireless network to support their business; no matter how full the Bingo room is!


‘BES IT Systems has upgraded our Wi-Fi to all areas including bistro, gaming and lounges with new D-Link products and we are very happy with the increased performance and coverage.’

Lisa Traynor, Operations and Events Manager: RSL Club Southport




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