With StorageCraft Cloud Services, your hosted business data is safe.


We all understand that we need to protect our most important asset: data. In today’s world data can be anywhere. It may reside on your physical server, in a virtual server in the cloud, or both at the same time. Critical data needs to be protected and available whether it’s hosted locally or in the cloud. StorageCraft Cloud Backup provides protection of your Microsoft Office 365 data and G Suite by Google Cloud data.    

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 Get an automatic quote for cloud backup now


StorageCraft Cloud Backup Services provide a flexible, easy-to-use solution for the protection, management and recovery of your data. It is protected, encrypted and made available through an intuitive, web-based interface. Users can quickly recover a file, a folder, or an entire backup quickly and easily in its original format. Click the PDF below to read our six top reasons you need to backup your Office 365.