BES Support Services

BES IT Systems have been providing IT Services since 1988 and as one of Brisbane’s most experienced IT services companies, we offer you the highest quality Technical SupportOur team of technicians are experts in the field of Data Backup, Network Maintenance, Hosted Email, Hosted Desktops, Managed Wi-Fi, Security Services and Software Licenses.  They are striving to provide customers fast and efficient Technical Support whilst making sure IT related costs are as low as possible. 

In case your business needs project support or if you need any kind of Technical Support, we can help you! 


Our Support Services include:


Desktop Support

Our technicians can help your organisation manage their new and existing desktops. We can help you with:

  • Consulting prior to computer purchases – ensure you get the best-fit devices for your environment
  • Configuring new and existing desktops, laptops, workstations
  • Installing software and managing updates
  • Help with data backup from your local machines
  • Connecting end-point devices to your network
  • End-point device security – protect your machines from malware, viruses and other unauthorised access.
  • Set-up or troubleshoot local and network printers

Network Support

Your network has crucial and confidential data and thus it is very important for the day-to-day functionality of your business. BES IT Systems have been helping businesses with their network requirements for more than 15 years and customers are trusting us as their preferred Technical Support Provider. Whether you need maintenance for the current network or you need to build a new one, our team of professionals can assist you. 


Server Support

Even though a lot of our small scale businesses have now moved to a more cost effective and scalable model, some of them still possess onsite servers. We provide assistance for our contract customers as well as for adhoc requests and offer onsite and remote server assistance depending on the physical location of your business. In case your business is not located in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich or Gold Coast we can install a management remote server to allow our technicians access to address your network and server issues in the most efficient manner.


Remote Support

The BES Services team is partnered with ConnectWise and use their groundbreaking remote monitoring and management tools to provide Technical Support Services. Our technical team has the knowledge and equipment to monitor, manage and discover any issues as and when they arise.  This allows us to be far more proactive than we ever could be manually.  The majority of your ‘behind the scenes’ network management will be executed by our network engineers using this advanced software.


Onsite Support

As one of Brisbane’s most experienced IT services companies, we know that some issues have to be dealt with onsite.  Any physical problems with servers, connectivity, malware or even some printing issues are dealt with onsite as necessary.  Our customers have peace of mind knowing we take responsibility for their network environment.

Contact one of our IT specialist on (07) 3340 5555 to learn more about our Technical Support Services. They will be able to guide you through the process and answer any further questions. Alternatively follow the link below to request further information. 


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