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Wavell State High School is a coeducational independent public secondary school based in Wavell Heights, Queensland. The school has a total enrollment of more than 1500 students from years 7-12.


Schools require more sophisticated technology to monitor school assets and infrastructure to protect from damages. IP surveillance is essential to give parents peace of mind that their children and belongings are protected.


Wavell State High School had an outdated IP Surveillance system that couldn’t grow to scale as the school advanced. This meant the students and their possessions were not monitored effectively and the schools’ assets were vulnerable outside of school hours.


Wavell invited BES IT Systems to complete a campus visit so we could thoroughly investigate the current IP Surveillance system and put together an action plan detailing what needed to be replaced, added or integrated into the new IP Surveillance Network.

We worked with D-Link Australia to provide and install a series of wired and wireless IP cameras. The solution included adding new cameras to cover blind spots and replacing the old, outdated cameras with a range of D-Link DCS Day & Night Network Cameras. The solution also included a D-Link DNR Network Video Recorder to provide real-time and recorded video of all cameras in the network.

The IP Surveillance solution gives parents peace of mind that their children and their belongings are safe. Wavell SHS can also feel confident that their assets are being monitored 24/7 and can feel confident in the reliability of their IP Surveillance system.

‘D-Link Security Cameras give parents peace of mind to keep their children and their possessions safe when at school, and offer protection of school assets for after school hours’

Trevor Jardine, A/HOD IT: Wavell State High School


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