Wireless Security 

Wireless technology is changing all the time. The most recent iteration of wireless is the 802.11ac Wave 2, the latest and greatest iteration of Wi-Fi. As the fastest wireless standard yet, Wave 2 delivers maximum speeds of several gigabits per second, along with new functionality that, for the first time, allows multiple clients to communicate simultaneously. If your organisation is looking at upgrading or expanding your wireless network capabilities, click here to go to our dedicated Wireless Technology page to see how we can assist.

Meanwhile, organisations are changing the way they deploy access networks, connect devices, and enable business applications due to several issues. Security risks are inherent because of the number and variety of network-connected wireless devices and mobile applications present on a typical organisation’s environment. There’s a need to control who has access to what, as well as the standard firewall.

Our favoured WiFi vendors all have checks and measures in place to combat these threats. Mainly in the forms of network access control (NAC) and visibility.

ClearPass from Aruba is one of the most prevalent Network Access Control products in the marketplace at the moment. Access the datasheet below for detailed information:


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