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Work From Home IT Support

BES IT Systems are here to help in the current COVID-19 situation. The staff at BES are continuing work as usual in order to support our customers with their IT needs and enable remote working solutions.

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of people around the world and many businesses are considering every contingency plan to avoid serious disruption of their operations. What is your emergency plan if members of your staff need to self-quarantine? Will they be able to continue to work? Is their workplace enabled for remote working so business critical functions can still be covered?

Remote working is growing steadily in popularity, but many organisations are still in the early stages of adaptation. We expect a surge in remote working in the upcoming months and an increased need for IT Support to set-up a mobile workforce as the Coronavirus will impact business operations.

In an ideal situation, companies would invest in full-blown strategies to enable remote working. However, the current unprecedented and evolving events are calling for a quick, easy to use solution for the time being.

Our solution: Remote access via the RD Gateway (Windows Server)

By using this remote access solution, you will benefit from:

  • Use your existing infrastructure – no additional hardware, licensing required
  • We are able to set it up for you 100% remotely
  • Quick to install – your remote workplace will be up in running in 2-3 hours
  • Easy to use. (Requires secure access via 2-Factor Authentication with a product such as DUO - $10 per user, per month)

Your user experience will be based on your bandwidth. If your bandwidth is not business standard, you may need to upgrade your internet provider.

Remote Work from Home Solution (4)

*Minimum requirements: existing Windows 2008 Server, public SSL Certificate, DUO licence per user, per month, at additional cost to enable secure 2 factor authentication, home PC to work from, user mobile phone for DUO. Should these minimum requirements not be met, there may be additional costs involved.

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